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Outdoor Activities near the lodge include horseback riding, fly fishing, and hiking

     Outdoor activities in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile are numerous. If your coming to see and experience unspoiled nature you will not be disappointed. The best month to see the outdoors and a great variety of flora is December.

     Lupin flowers of all colors and combinations are out in full bloom at this time. In early spring mixed with rain, sun and wind, the weather is changeable and temperatures vary.  Many wild flowers show themselves in early summer  Summer starts December 22 officially, but by the time November comes around most of the people of Patagonia, Argentina/Chile have their gardens planted.  At Alto Puelo Lodge on the Puelo River we maintain a large garden which contributes to our diet of fresh vegetables as well as fresh caught fish (trout caught by you).

Lupin Flowers

For Your Privacy

     The Alto Puelo Lodge (if you book early), to allow for your own personal privacy, can be setup for private groups and families. The rates will include a private guide and personal chef that will customize your cuisine to your liking. Please contact us for further information.

Horseback riding in the Andes Mountains of Patagonia, Argentina

Activities in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Ask us about our customized trips and programs that can meet the needs of your family or group. They include:

Local Activities

     From late spring to late summer, temperatures can vary from a low 60 to a high of 100.  But generally the temperature is moderate, making it enjoyable for all types of activities including sleeping at night. 

     If you are not a fishing person, but would like to come along with someone who likes to fly fish, you won't feel alone and bored. 

     Plan your exploration of Patagonia toady! It is a land of many activities and beauty.

     Patagonia Adventures can arrange activities that will keep you happy and entertained. This can include easy walks through the sculptured forest, horseback riding, bathing in the sun, meeting people with interesting backgrounds and culture including gauchos, visiting villages or enjoying a shortsteam engine train ride on the Old Patagonia Express. There are no dangerous wild animals or snakes to worry about. Hardly ever see a mosquito, so you don't have to worry about pesky bugs marring your fun in Patagonia.

     Not only can you enjoy world class fly fishing for trout but also enjoy the multitude of activities that the Andes Mountains of Chile and Argentina have to offer.  Contact us for further Information.

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