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     The Museo Llelque is located approximately 80 km (48 miles) from El Bolson, and 180km (110 miles) from San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina on the Leleque Estancia in Patagonia, Argentina. Composed of 4 rooms the Museo Llelque includes:
  • Indigenous Peoples - When the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century they called them the Patagones (the savages) . This section of the museum deals with the historic perspective of the people who dwelled here from the Paleolithic period.
  • A Meeting of Two Worlds - This area of the museum deals with the
    of the indigenous people of Patagonia that were dramatically altered forever encounter of western civilization. With the introduction of horses, new weapons,Hut from Paleolithic period liquor, and horses forever changed and systematic armed actionfrom the Argentina government called the
  • Bound for Sedentary Society - Colonization of the Patagonia which includes farming and sheep breeding and the acculturation of the aborigines of the the Patagonia.
  • Pioneers - This room entails the immigrants of Patagonia from other parts of Argentina and other countries in Europe who decided to pack up their belongings and move to Patagonia and start a new life. This was particular at the turn of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty first century.

Coffee Shop and Bookstore

     The Leleque Museum has a must see quaint coffee shop and bookstore for those that would like to relax and browse. There is a book for sale about the museum and the Patagonia region written in English and also in Spanish. The book is very informative and worth taking home for future reference. Monica, the manager of the small shop is very knowledgeable about the history of Patagonia and quite helpful. They also sell handicrafts and items of local crafts including pottery, rugs and other items handmade by local Indians with a certificate of authenticity and written explanation.of the functions and features.

     If you are into museums it is a must see with a English speaking guide. All the information is in Spanish and with a pamphlet in English. The Leelque is well laid out and a must if you would like to have a better understanding of the People of Patragoni, Past and present.

Argentina and Chile Lodges

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