Lakes and Rivers at the Alto Puelo Lodge






    The Alto Puelo Lodge is nestled in an isolated valley located in the in the Andes Mountains of Patagonia. It is 6 miles from the Argentina/Chile border and is situated on the Chilean side of the border. The Puelo River (Rio Puelo) runs through this remote valley and this is where the Alto Puelo Lodge sits, a few short steps to the river.

The Lakes and Rivers of the Puelo

    Before the waters reach Alto Puelo Lodge´s location, the water circulates and filters through two lakes called Lago Puelo (Lake Puelo) and Lago Puelo Inferior. Lago Puelo is situated in the national park Lago Puelo of Argentina. Lago Puelo Inferior is situated in Chile. The two lakes are connected by a small stretch of river with moderate rapids. This small stretch acts as a separation or borderline of the two countries. No roads go in or out of this pristine area.

Lake in the Andes Mountains

    The Puelo River and its joining valleys create a natural water route from the Argentine Patagonia to the Chilean Pacific coast. It's low altitude is the reason that a valdivian forest flourishes and thus the Argentine National Park called Lago Puelo was created to conserve this rare natural resource.

Fishing Lodges and Camps

Wild Trout and Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

    These bodies of water and all tributaries that flow into the Rio Puelo have abundant aquatic life supporting its fish population. Rainbow and brown trout are the most abundant with various native fish. Since the 1990´s and more frequently in recent years both Pacific (Chinook/king salmon) and Atlantic (salmo salar) wild salmon now spawn with success in all parts of the Puelo River system.

Color rainbow trout

    The Puelo River drains from the Andes to the Pacific and is a fly fishing paradise. The River System features rapids, whirl pools, feeder streams, waterfalls and crystal-clear turquoise colored water.

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