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     The Andes Mountains stretch over 5500 miles from the southern tip of Argentina and Chile to the northern part of Columbia in South America. With many peaks and active volcanoes over 20,000 feet, including the highest peak Cerro Aconcagua (elevation 22,826, located on the Chile and Argentina border). This majestic region is second only to the Himalayas in size and average elevation. With the high snow covered mountains as a spectacular backdrop, fishing for trout and Atlantic salmon can be an unforgettable experience.

Los Glaciares National Park

     This magnificent park is located in the Southern part of the Andes on Chile and Argentina border.  The Patagonian Ice Field extends to over half the park and comprises of over two hundred glaciers and is considered to be the largest ice field outside of Antarctica.  The view of the glaciers and hearing the thundering sounds of the ice falling create an awesome experience of nature at its best.

Andes Mountains

     The area is also populated by prehistoric and ancient Indian sites consisting of  hunter-gatherers and the Tehuelches Indians, who were almost dissipated by the European colonization of the region.

Fly Fishing

     The numerous ice fields and glaciers, not only give hikers a great trekking experience, but the waters flowing from the Patagonian Ice Field produce abundant water for fly fishing. The many lakes and rivers, climate, as well as foliage in and around this rugged region produce abundant insect life for large rainbow, brook and brown trout. The trout that was introduced to the Chile and Argentina region in the early 20th century from Europe and North America adapted to the cold and clear waters that flowed from the mountains and created fishing paradise for the fly fishing enthusiasts.

     If you are looking for a taste of the snow covered Swiss Alps, the climate of the mountains in California and Oregon and the large aggressive trout of Canada and Alaska, come to the Andes. A fly fishing experience that will always stay with you.

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