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Trout Fishing at Alerces Park, Argentina

     Alerces Park Fishing Lodge in Patagonia, Argentina is located about two hours from Esquel and four hours from Bariloche, Argentina. Alerces Park has five major lakes, three main rivers and two spring creeks, all with big strong brown and rainbow trout. From one central location our guides will boat to a different place each day. The lodge prepares a great lunch and if the weather is not that great we will come in for lunch.  If you are not into wading, we have jet boats that can put you on to the fish. We float the rivers and cast along the lake edges. This can produce a lot of good trout.  

The Fish

    More fish per day in the 18-22 inches size are caught at Alerces than at the Yelcho in Chile.Alerces Park Rainbow Trout in Argentina It can be difficult to catch a fish in the Alerces Park smaller than 18 inches and just as difficult to take one bigger than 26 inches.  

     At the Alerces Park you not only have have three main rivers and five lakes but a spring creek loaded with rainbow and brown trout. This spring creek has large fish, but you have to be a good nymph fisherman and learn a different way of angling to catch them. It is very close up angling and the trout range from 18-29 inches. On lake Menendez the dry fly fishing is outstanding and you can expect to catch from 30 to 40 fish all over 20 inches and up to 26. The big ones are browns.

     When you travel to the Alerces Park in Argentina, you will embrace the natural beauty of the park. It gives you a feeling of inner peace that we all seek and need in our lives. From the high mountain glaciers, come the pure cold water that is so needed by all creatures who habitat  these areas and especially our friend the trout.

     The slow melting snow assures there will be water at a rate to enhance and maintain the normal needed level of rivers or lakes in the valleys below. Patagonia Adventures have been guiding these waters for 20 years. This is great place to fish. The abundance of large trout can keep an angling enthusiasts busy until nightfall.  

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Alerces Park Lodge
Five Lakes

Getting to Alerces Park  

Trout in Spring Creek     From Buenos Aires fly to Esquel (flight time 2 hours) your guide will greet you at the airport and drive two hours to Alerces Park. From the San Carlos de Bariloche airport your guide will greet you and drive 4 hours through the village of El Bolson and onto Alerces Park.  The drive is two hours from Alto Puelo Lodge and from Rio

Yelcho Lodge the drive time through the Andes Mountains is five hours. Contact us for more information about this beautiful place and the great fly fishing at Alerces Park.

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