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Climate, Vegetation, Culture and the People

Argentina Mountains and Vegetation

     Argentina covers over 1,000,000 square miles, an area larger and as diversified in climate, vegetation, and topography as the west coast of the United States. The country has over 36,000,000 people with Roman Catholicism as the main religion. The borders are defined by the Andes Mountains and Chile to the west, the Atlantic Ocean by the east, and the borders of Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, and Brazil to the north.

    The climate ranges from cold and low temperatures in the southArgentina culture, history and People and the Andes Mountainsto dry and hot in parts of the north with moderate temperatures near central part of Argentina by the Atlantic Ocean.


    Vegetation varies from dry and arid to forests of giant cedar and laurel trees up in the Andes Mountains from the 1500 to 7000 foot elevation.


    The country's topography is very diversified. The Andes Mountains that stretch along the border of Chile have mountain peaks with elevations ofover 20,000 feet that are covered with ice fields and glaciers. The Pampas and parts of Patagonia are flat with numerous rivers flowing from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Fishing Lodges and Camps


father and son in Argentina     The heavy immigration of Europeans to the country in the late nineteenth to the twentieth century produced a heavy concentration of people of Spanish, Italian, French, German, Eastern European and British ancestry.Also in the immigration were Japanese, Syrians and Lebanese. With the immigration, the native Indians and the descendants of black slaves, Argentina produced a diversified culture. This culture melded together to produce a country that is rich in history, alive with dance and diverse in a language that is primarily Spanish but is composed of words from the many languages that were initially introduced to this country.

     With the diverse culture, the many rivers, and the ideal climate, Argentina creates an ideal situation for an enjoyable fly fishing experience. Contact us for a fly fishing experience that will never be forgotten in your mind and cherished in your heart.

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