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Pictures of Fishing in Argentina

     Many Argentina pictures on this website can best describe the fishing in the Andes Mountains.  However, the photo below can describe the the picturesque beauty of Argentina with the backdrop of the steep and snow filled mountains in the background.

     From the high mountain glaciers come the pure cold water that is so needed by all creatures who habitat these areas and especially our friends the salmon, brown and rainbow trout. The slow melting process assures that there will be water at a rate to enhance and maintain the normal needed level of rivers or lakes in the valleys below.

Argentina Pictures of Alerces Park

Cal Scott and Alerces Park

     As one of our clients, Cal Scott (see above picture) ponders over this beautiful place called Alerces Park. He must be embracing nature at its purist form or...  contemplating how the fishing is going to be today on lake Menendez in Alerces. Cal and his fishing partner Syd Lilly have been coming to Alerces since 1986 and for them, it is the place for great fishing and relaxation. It's a change for the best, although for only a short time. A short time spent in a place like this could be adding quality days to your life, much to be appreciated by these experienced fly fishermen.

Trout in clear water

     I have been guiding these gentleman for 15 years.  Cal and Syd have advanced from novice fly fisherman to potential fishing guides. They have learned a lot about fly fishing and know what to do in almost every segment of water that they come to. They have become not only good fishermen but family. 

Argentina Trout

     There are a lot of bugs out there on the waters of Argentina for trout to nourish on.  This aspect of fly fishing keeps you looking in all directions hoping to see that particular insect that the trout prefers. This is part of what makes a great angling day with dear friends in Patagonia.. Argentina pictures can enhance your trip but catching a few large rainbow trout is icing on the cake.

     Contact us for further information about Alerces Park and Argentina fishing. A trophy trout is waiting for you.

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