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Culture, Climate and People

    Chile is located on the western side of South America and covers over 290,000 square miles. It is 2700 miles long with the average width of 110 miles. The length of Chile if placed in the northernChile - the people and culture hemisphere would stretch from the northern tip of Newfoundland in Canada to the southern tip of Florida and Cuba. The borders are defined by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Argentina by the east, and Bolivia and Peru to the north. The country has over 12,000,000 people with Roman Catholicism as the main religion.

Climate and Topography

    As Argentina, the climate, vegetation, and topography is as diversified as Europe. The climate ranges from cold and low temperatures in the south and in the Andes Mountains to dry and hot in parts of the north with moderate temperatures near central part by the Pacific Ocean. Vegetation varies from dry and arid to natural dense forests. A dense rain forest, rich in timber species, grows in the humid Lake District and Patagonia region and extends southward. The Andes Mountains that stretch along the border of Argentina and Chile have mountain peaks with elevations of over 20,000 feet that are covered with ice fields and glaciers.

Chilean Vaqueros

The History, People and Culture

    The Diaguita, Picunche, Mapuche (or Araucanian), Huilliche, Pehunche, and Cunco Indians lived a semi-nomadic life before the advent of Spanish colonies in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the 18th century the Basques arrived followed by the introduction of immigrants from Italy, Germany, Russia, Syria, Persia and Lebanon.

The Fly Fishing

     The lower part of the country in the lake district and Patagonia region produces great trout fishing. With the introduction of salmon, brook, brown and rainbow trout in the early part of the 20th century, trout has not only flourished but have become a world renown sport fishing region. The absence of predators, the large insect population in the waters and the cold clear rivers and lakes produced great fly fishing. Contact us today for a fly fishing experience of a lifetime and fish the crisp clear rivers and lakes of Chile

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