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     Finding Chile pictures that would best represent the fishing in this country can best be described by the picture below. 

Dr. Luedke

     Dr. Luedke (in picture holding a trout) and his wife Jenny fished the Rio Yelcho in Chile and Picture of Chile and Dr Don Luedkebefore the trip was over (ten days of fishing) Don and Jenny wanted to plan for another trip back to Rio Yelcho. They both love to fish and had gone to other countries trout fishing, but something they experienced in Patagonia brought them back time and time again. On another trip Don and Jenny brought their son who is also a doctor and his wife.

     They fished all the three areas that Patagonia Adventures guides, Alerces Park and Rio Puelo (Alto Puelo Lodge). Don is since retired and spends a lot of time fishing his home state, but every couple of years Dr. Luedke plans a trip to fish for big trout in some exotic waters. We are looking forward to having the Luedke family as guests again

The Dragonfly

     The fish Don is holding was caught with a dry pattern imitating the adult dragonfly at Lionís Bay on the Yelcho Lake near Chaiten, Chile. Lion's Bay is one of the area's that we discovered ten years ago that is filled with large rainbow trout. It was known by the Chile locals but no clear cut fly pattern was being used to catch these large tailed fish that made great jumps (up to four feet ) to catch a big dragonfly. I fished it for the first time and was amazed at all jumping fish I saw and thought it was going to be easy.

After trying many different fly patterns and hours of frustration I stopped and began to observe the behavior of the trout. I soon discovered that the fish were hunting the dragons. They would actually follow the slow hovering shadowy movements of the adult dragonfly. The large trout would wait for the precise moment and make the jump towards the dragonfly. Most of the time the hovering dragonfly would be caught by the fish.  When we realized that the trout were actually taking with success these big flies we knew that they were not going to be after anything other than the big adult dragonfly.

     We went back to the lodge and started tying big flies that would cast a shadow of a adult dragonfly. We also found out that due to the very still water near the grass beds of the lake, you had to lay the imitation dragonfly on the water and not move it.  It took some time, but always the big fish would show. They are powerful trout and take out backing on your reel as Don and Jenny can tell you. 

The Challenge

     If you are looking for great pictures of a fly fishing vacation and would like to challenge the brown and rainbow trout at Yelcho Lake in Chile contact us for further information.

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