The Cuisine - (The Chef - Food, Wines and Dessert)

Your Chef, the Food, Wine and Dessert

Argentina Cuisine for our guests

    At Patagonia Adventures we want you and your group not only enjoy the fly fishing in the waters of Argentina and Chile, but also the cuisine that we have selected for your group. We understand the importance of a good hearty and nutritional meal during this proactive fly fishing vacation.

    Spending long periods of time out in the rivers and lakes can produce a healthy appetite. This is where a good chef comes in, one who understands the art of cuisine and the importance of nutrition. Vegetables and fruit as well as protein are an important staple in preparing our gourmet meals for you.

Farm poduce    Hearty meals aesthetically prepared daily using local produce, game, and select wines are the mainstay of your eating experience with Patagonia Adventures. At the Alto Puelo Lodge we have a 150 acre farm where many of our vegetables and fruits are picked fresh daily for your meals.

Combining the Eating Experience

    The presentation of the meal, especial the evening meal at the Alto Puelo Lodge is an important aspect of eating. A good presentation of a well-tied imitation fly will attract a trophy fish. A good presentation of a meal will attract a hungry fly fisherman. In order to create a good presentation for our guests we use the following four combinations;

  • Chef - Our chef/cook is experienced in the art of preparing a meal. A meal that is not only aesthetic to the eye, but also a great eating experience. The chef understands the balance of cooking a delightful yet nutritious meal after a fun day of fishing.
  • Fine Food - Our Light Desertgourmet meals are prepared by a chef, who understands the importance of not only fine cuisine, but the importance of nutrition. We also prepare traditional dishes of the Patagonia region. Enjoy!
  • Local Wines - All our wines brought to the table are from established wineries in Argentina and Chile. A great wine for a great meal.
  • Desserts - A light dessert after dinner is popular among the guests. Something special yet not too heavy.

Your Special Nutritional Diet Needs

    At the Alto Puelo Lodge we understand that many of our clients have specific requirements in regards to nutrition and diet. Whether you are a vegetarian, on a low carb, high protein diet or you cannot eat certain foods as part of your diet, our chef will understand your needs and prepare the meals accordingly.

Vegetarian Dish    We will customize your meals so that you will have not only a memorable and exciting fly fishing vacation, but also a vacation where the cuisine was as excellent as the fishing.

    The chef is for you and your group is at your beckon call, preparing meals that you not only enjoy, but are healthy and nutritious. Please contact us ahead of time for special diet needs so that we can prepare accordingly.

Contacting Patagonia Adventures

    For more information and any questions concerning our cuisine please contact Kent and Eric Schoenauer (owners of Patagonia Adventures and Alto Puelo Lodge).You can E-mail Eric at or call him in Argentina at 011 54-2944-492513.

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