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Personal and Knowledgeable Guides

      A good knowledgeable fly fishing guide (outfitter) can put you on to a trophy trout when he wants. He has spent years on the water and knows where the fish are and has seen where the big ones hold out. He can put you in position to try for the one that got away. Another attribute about a good  guide is that they have the intuitiveness of what to do at the right time. That intuitiveness made the difference of catching the big one or not.

Fitting Your Needs and Experience

     Kent Schoenauer, the main fishing guide and owner, will put together a custom program to fit your fly fishing experience and knowledge.  "We want to know how much experience you have and if you want easy water to fish in or more challenging waters."  With three fishing lodges (Alerces Park, Argentina, Rio Yelcho, Chile and the Alto Puelo on the Argentina Chile border) Patagonia Adventures can offer a diverse and comprehensive program to fit your needs and experience.

Colorful rainbow trout

Experienced and Personal

     We will match you with an experienced guide who will work closely with you to help you hone your skills, discover new techniques and experience a whole new level of this rewarding and challenging sport. Your English speaking guide will know how to get  the most out of these waters, where to find the fish, which flies to recommend and how to help you with your techniques. With his help, and your passion for angling, every day can offer a new fly fishing challenge.

Relevant Pages and Information

     Our guides offer the following types of fly fishing;

          - Float
          - Still Water
          - Sight
          - Dry Fly
- Nymph
- River Fishing 


     With lodges located in the heart of the Andes Mountains of Chile and Argentina, our guides will take you to the trout. Their knowledge of entomology, the fish habitat and the art of fly fishing, our professional trained staff will provide you with unforgettable learning experience.

     Patagonia Adventures' caters to beginning and expert anglers alike, with the seasons running from November through April. We also offer customized packages at the most competitive rates available. Regardless of which itinerary you select, or the length of your excursion you will catch fish.

     To allow us the opportunity to guarantee availability, and to ensure that we can meet your needs and match you with the most suitable Patagonia Adventure guide, it is important to make your reservations early. We book small groups into each of our lodges, so when we’re full, we’re full .. and that often means until the next year!  So, please consider booking your trip as early as possible to reserve your preferred dates.  

     Come to the land of great trout fishing.  Contact Us Today!  Our guides, lodges and fly fishing for brook, rainbow and brown trout are rated the best in Chile and Argentina!

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