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Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Salmon Flies

     In the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina the fly fishing is superb, the lodges are comfortable, and the challenge of going after a feisty salmon, big rainbow or brown trout is exciting.  These waters offer many challenging characteristics from shallow riffles, fast runs, deep pools, undercut banks, isolated channels, vegetation mats, and deadfall structures. Test the challenge and join us for an angling trip you will never forget.

    The waters in the Andes Mountains of Chile and Argentina have produced trophy catches year after year including Atlantic salmon, brown and rainbow trout.

Fly FishingThe Fishing Season

     The fishing season runs from November through April. During these summer months, the weather is very moderate,  the days are long, and the fish are plentiful ... brown and rainbow trout are abundant throughout this time of year.

       Every avid fisherman, from novices to experts, will be challenged to perfect their "fly fishing" skills and to implement new techniques necessary for these special waters in Argentina and Chile.

Diverse Water Selection

     We have a diversified selection of rivers, lakes and spring creeks. Normally we fish all these and in different areas so as to give the angler a more broader experience. We fish the Rio Puelo on the Chile/Argentina border, Alerces Park in Argentina and the Rio Yelcho in Chile.  All areas have very high catch rates and the natural surroundings are extremely beautiful.

Trout Flies

   We do wading, drifting and casting to fish we could see.  Most of the time we use dry flies.  The fish are mostly rainbows, brown trout and Atlantic salmon (when in season). The average size brown and rainbow trout fish are 18-22 inches.  All the fish are wild and very strong and will take some time and good strategies to land them.

History of Fly Fishing

     Fly fishing as a way to hunt goes back thousands of years.  One of the first tools used by early man was the fishing hook.  The earliest written history of fishing with a fly was by the Macedonians. They would use artificial materials replicating an insect to catch trout (see fly patterns). They would lay the imitation insect with a line tied to one end and create small movements with the line, causing movement in the artificial insect and thus catching trout.

       Fly fishing as a sport started in England during the 14th century and has now become an international sport not only for fresh water lakes and rivers, but also in saltwater for numerous ocean game fish.

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Angling Note

Since Chile as well as Argentina are in the southern hemisphere, the seasons and temperatures are the exact opposite of the seasons and temperatures in North America.  Being in the sun can be very intense, so please take plenty of sun screen on your trip.

     Contact us for further information on this great Patagonia adventure.

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