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Learning to Fish for Brown and Rainbow Trout

    Understanding and using the combination of both, the scientific and artistic approach to fly fishing will give you an appreciation of this sport. At Patagonia Adventures we will not only teach you to fly fish, but also how to catch fish. Practice, patience and the teaching of a master guide will enable you to enjoy the excitement and pleasure of Fly Fishing.

The Alto Puelo Lodge

     Situated in the heart of the pristine Andes Mountains in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile the Alto Puelo Lodge is a perfect location to brush up or learn to fly fish. Surrounded by unspoiled nature and a valdivian forest, the Alto Puelo Lodge is built at the edge of the Rio Puelo. Both rainbow and brown trout await you in the turquoise blue water. A perfect environment to learn to fly fish.

What You Learn

     Whether it is your first time or you need to brush up on your techniques, our Master Guides are here to teach. At the lodge you will learn.

  • Trout and its habits
  • The diet of trout
  • How to tie a basic fly imitation
  • Different Fly Patterns
  • How to read the water conditions
  • Where trout are likely to be waiting
  • Presenting the fly to the fish.

Trout Flies

The Schedule

     After a delightful breakfast, the morning will be spent learning the basics. They include; the reel and fly line, casting, how to handlBrown troute the rod and learning to tie important knots to assure you won't lose the fly or fish. Each new morning you will advance on a vital part of learning the art of fly fishing.

     In the afternoons, after a light lunch and perhaps a bit of siesta, your guide will take you out on the water to practice what you have learned and he will also show you different techniques of fly fishing. Being on the river is a lot different as compared to learning on the grass or a pond. You will be where the action is and with the guiding patience of your master guide, you will do some serious fishing.

     The early evening are usually presented with the evening hatch. The trout will surface the lakes and rivers jumping and gulping the flies that also will rise to the surface. At that time, what you learned about fly fishing during the day will be applied at fast motion.

Catch and Release

After the Fishing

     Fly fishing after the evening hatch are always looked forward to with an exquisite cuisine prepared by our chef and accompanied by some of the fine Argentine or Chilean wines followed by an artistic light desert. Relaxing and conversing with new friends or telling fish stories to your fly fishing partners leads to a pleasant rest with dreams of next days fishing adventure.

     Contact Patagonia Adventures - Kent Schoenauer at 011 54 2944 492513 for more information.

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