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Pictures of Fly Fishing in Argentina/Chile

     As with most fishing pictures, they have a person holding a rod with a fish at the end (see picture below).  What makes a difference is where the fish was caught, how it was caught, how big was it, how long did it take to reel it in before it got away.  Many big trout have been lost, just before the final "swoosh" into the net. 

The Swoosh

Fishing pictures     I have lost many before the swoosh, and that is the only time I really swear.  Patience is not my virtue but I can be a persistent man. 

     Once I hook onto a fish I never give up.  Holding the rod high and the line taut, every so often letting out a little more line for the trout, I become a true fisherman.  The adrenaline is flowing and my heartbeat is picking up steam.  One side of me is saying, "Hurry up and reel in the fish before you lose him!"  The other side is saying, "Give him more line and tire him out, he's not ready to land."  Sure enough I give him too much line and lose him down river in the rocks, or the fish jumps two feet out of the water and makes two quick side moves left then tight and he is gone.  

     A true fisherman is humble.  It is not the catch but the true feeling of the experience that keeps us coming back to lose more fish.  I wonder if this trout got away just before the swoosh.

Allow Our Guides Take Your Fishing Pictures

    At Patagonia Adventures, we not only have the lodges (Alto Puelo Lodge on the Chile/Argentina border, Rio Yelcho Lodge, Chile and the Alerces Park Lodge, Argentina), we have an experienced and knowledgeable guide for you!

     Contact us today for a  true angling experience for brown, rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon. Yes, you will lose some of the big ones.  However, not as many as you normally do.

Please Note:  Photos not are taken by fishing guides when the big fish gets away.

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