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Fishing Stories and Articles (Argentina/Chile)

     The types of fly fishing in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile can best be described in not only pictures but in stories and articles. David Kotok has visited and fished the many rivers and lakes of Patagonia. His knowledge in the use of fly patterns, skill in casting and overall understanding of fly fishing has been a result of catch and release of many trophy brown and rainbow trout.

Trophy Trout

     Patagonia Adventures has listed four stories/articles written by Mr. Kotok. These stories are very helpful to our future and present clients that are planning to fish Patagonia. Patagonia is a great area to not only hone your fly fishing skills but also a great place to challenge the trophy trout as well as the large Atlantic salmon that travel up the Argentine and Chilean rivers. Listed below are some of the many stories and articles David has written over the years while fishing this Angler´s paradise.

  • Patagonia Fishing - Working the Chernobyl ant on wild Patagonia trout
  • Fishing Rio Puelo - Rio Puelo is the river that flows past the Alto Puelo Lodge on the Argentina/Chile border
  • Back to Menendez - Fly fishing in Alerces Park at Lake Menendez with a Chernobyl
  • The Mouse Fly - Casting the mouse pattern to catch aggressive trophy trout

Fly fishing the Rio Puelo

     We would like to acknowledge and thank David Kotok for providing his fly fishing expertise and articles to Patagonia Adventures. His visits are always a delight and his fly fishing skills are a dangerous threat to the wild trophy trout in Patagonia.

About Patagonia Adventures

     Patagonia Adventures offers three lodges (Alto Puelo Lodge, Alerces Park Lodge and Rio Yelcho Lodge) as well as a fish camp (Dos Rios). All areas have excellent fly fishing with extremely beautiful natural surroundings. We fish a great deal of diversified waters from rivers and lakes to spring creeks. Much of the fly fishing is done with dry flies. The fish are brown and rainbow trout with the average size 18-22 inches. Larger trout are also caught each year. All of the fish are wild and very strong. For more information please contact Kent or Eric Schoenauer of Patagonia Adventures at or call (from the United States) at +011-54-2944-492513.

     Patagonia Adventures (Alto Puelo Lodge) is wholly owned and operated by Patagonia Adventures, Kent & Vincenza Schoenauer, Proprietors.

Editors Note:  David R. Kotok is the Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors, Inc., a Vineland-based financial advisor. Reach him at P.O. Box 663, Vineland, NJ 08362-0663 or E-mail to

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