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     Patagonia Adventures office is located approximately 70 miles south of San Carlos de Bariloche, in the village of El Bolson, Argentina. Owned and operated by Kent & Vincenza (Enza) Schoenauer since 1983. Patagonia Adventures has dedicated itself to fly fishing vacations in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.

     We cater mostly to international clients with an emphasis on quality fly fishing with customized itineraries to the Alto Puelo Lodge, Argentina/Chile and Alerces Park, Argentina). Our knowledge of the region and a reputation for great fly fishing has helped us become one of the foremost experts of fly fishing vacations in Patagonia.

The Fishing

     All three areas (Alto Puelo Lodge, Argentina/Chile , Alerces Park. Argentina and Rio Yelcho, Chile) have very good fly fishing and the natural surroundings in these areas are extremely beautiful. We fish a great deal of diversified waters from rivers and lakes to spring creeks. Our clients have the advantage of drifting and casting to fish they see with dry flies or wading the pools and runs of the rivers fishing the way they like best. The fish are brown and rainbow trout with the average size 18-22 inches and larger fish are also present and caught each year. All the fish are wild and very strong.

Alto Puelo Lodge

Customized Vacations - Group and Family

     Patagonia Adventures provides an array of private and customized family and group tours for that special Patagonia experience. We understand the diverse needs of the individual in the tour. We can arrange a tour of other interesting adventures and yet provide a fly fishing experience at our lodge for trophy size trout. The Alto Puelo Lodge can be reserved only to your group or family. A quality chef and experienced fishing guide will be at your beckon call during your Patagonia experience.

The Cuisine and Lodging

Cooked trout     We take great pride in our service, cuisine and lodging. It is our job to make sure you catch fish, eat well, sleep restfully and enjoy your holiday with us. The lodging and meals, along with the wines are superb. Check out our Itineraries and Rates for further information.

Our Mission

     Patagonia Adventures is dedicated to making sure that not only you catch fish, but also have a good time and enjoy the great food, the Argentina/Chile hospitality and the pristine environment. Traveling thousands of miles to fly fish in Argentina and Chile must be a memorable experience for all involved. Kent, Enza and the rest of the staff are dedicated to making sure that you and your group have an enjoyable fly fishing vacation which includes catching big fish!.

Some of Patagonia Adventures Professional Staff

Our Staff

     Our staff/team members (from our chef to our guides) are qualified processionals in there areas of expertise. Along with their traditional"Patagonia Hospitality" and the understanding of Patagonia Adventures mission, they want your fly fishing vacation to be a positive and memorable one.

Our References

     On any vacation that is many miles away, it is important that references are provided. Patagonia Adventures have been around for many years and many of our dedicated clients come back to fish the Patagonia year after year. Our clients (visit "Contributors" page) are a diverse group fly fishing enthusiasts from different parts of the globe with many from the United States. Do not hesitate to ask us about our many references. They will gladly share their experiences with Patagonia Adventures and the fly fishing in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.

Contacting Us

     The fishing season in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile begins in November and your main guide, Kent is in the Andes Mountains guiding for his clients. If you would like to contact Kent, directly and talk to him about the fishing opportunities in Patagonia do not hesitate to email Kent or Eric at eric@argentinachileflyfishing.com or call (from the United States ) at +011-54-2944-492513. Due to his limited availability during the fishing season (November to May) you can also contact Jack Garchar in San Jose, California at 408.559.7896 or E-mail at jack@orchidpublishing.com. He can help you answer any questions pertaining to your trip with Patagonia Adventures.

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