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Contacting Us to Set-up a Reservation

     Thank you for your interest in Patagonia Adventures. Listed below are some information that may be helpful before contacting us, The website was developed to help you make an informative decision about fly fishing in Patagonia as well as providing you a list of the "Rates and Itineraries". Explaining our mission, providing references and a one to one contact with Jack or Kent is one positive step in helping you through your decision making process.

Our Mission

     Patagonia Adventures is dedicated to making sure that not only you catch fish, but also have a good time and enjoy the great food, the Argentina/Chile hospitality and the pristine environment. Traveling thousands of miles to fly fish in Argentina and Chile must be a memorable experience for all involved. Kent, Enza and the rest of the staff are dedicated to making sure that you and your group have an enjoyable fly fishing vacation which includes catching big fish!.

Our References

    On any vacation that is many miles away, it is important that references are provided. Patagonia Adventures have been around for many years and many of our clients come back to fish the Patagonia year after year. Our clients are from different parts of the globe with many from the United States. Do not hesitate to ask us about our many references.

How to Contact Us

    The fishing season in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile begins in November and your main guide, Kent is in the Andes Mountains guiding for his clients. If you would like to contact Kent, directly and talk to him about the fishing opportunities in Patagonia do not hesitate to email Kent or Eric at or call (from the United States ) at +011-54-2944-492513. Due to his limited availability during the fishing season (November to May) you can also contact Jack Garchar in San Jose, California at 408-559-7896 or email at He can help you answer any questions pertaining to your trip with Patagonia Adventures.

Kent and Eric Schoenauer
Owner and Guide
Patagonia Adventures / Alto Puelo Lodge
Email -
Telephone - +011-54-2944-492513

Jack Garchar

Jack Garchar
Communications Director
Email -
Telephone - 408-559-7896

    Patagonia Adventures is located in El Bolson, Argentina. Alto Puelo Lodge is located on the Argentina/Chile border and is owned and operated by Kent (native of California) and Enza Schoenauer (native of Italy) as well as his son son Eric since 1983.

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