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Contributors to Patagonia Adventures

     Patagonia Adventures would like to acknowledge and thank the many contributors of this website ( The great photos and informative articles that have been published, has truly helped and enhanced the development of the Patagonia Adventures website into one of the most informative fly fishing sites for the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.

Dedicated Fly Fishing Enthusiasts

     Most of our clients are dedicated fly fishing enthusiasts, not only dedicated in the art and the science of fly fishing, but also dedicated in keeping the pristine environment of Patagonia a true paradise. Our clients understand the importance of the delicate balance between the environment and man. With our their involvement, Patagonia's catch and release program has helped and enhanced the vitality of the fish population, especially those trophy trout and salmon.

     Understanding the human aspects and diverse needs of each of our clients has made our job an enjoyable experience. When we sit down at the dinner table and talk shop (catching fish and fly patterns) they become colorful personalities, with diversified interests. These momentous occasions are the ingredients for building a lasting relationship. Clients become friends and its hard to say, "good bye".

     We would like to acknowledge with warm regards and appreciative memories to all those who have been our customers and those who have made many trips with us. You have helped build what Patagonia Adventures is today and have given us the spirit to continue exploring in order to provide new pristine fly fishing destinations for the "Adventurous Angler". Thank you all.

Our Contributors

     Listed below are a few of the many, who have fished with Patagonia Adventures over the last 25 years.

  - David Kotok, New Jersey
- Corby Reese, USA
  - Andrew McKay, Scotland- Gonzalo Perez, Chile
  - Roger/Jeanett Hoffman, NY- Dr. Philip Cimo, Texas
  - Dave Inks, Montana- Daniel Fernandez, Argentina
  - Bob Nauhiem, California- Bryan Patten, Tennessee
  - Kay Mitsuyoshi, California- Cartter Patten, Tennessee
  - Bob Grayson, USA- Jerry Weicken, USA
  - Jerry/Priscilla Mayersak, FL- Christine Schlesinger, NJ
  - David Osgood, Oregon- Walter Payton, USA
  - Bob Ford, California- Harry Lemire, Washington
  - Prof. Fred Bachhuber, Nevada- Jonathan Olch,Utah
  - Tano Barruzzi, Argentina- Francisco Constable, Argentina
  - Jim Taylor, Utah- Louie Sebring, Texas
  - James Greene, Maryland- Tim Keller III, Tennessee
  - Jorgen Stenberg, Sweden- Alexander Von Summer, CT
  - Lauren Pipkorn, New York- Frank Morse, Oregon
  - Lou Lagrave, Arizona- Adriana Scalamandre, NY
  - Mac Mcbeatty, USA- Andrew Lear,Texas
  - Michelle Sardo, Italy- Jon Bengtson, Nevada
  - Nat Brady, New York- George Lobisser, Washington
  - Pat Reilly, Wyoming- Robert Chamberlain, Wisconsin
  - Robert McMeekin, Chile- John Barrett,Montana
  - Sid Lilly, USA- John Bedard, Minnesota
  - Cal Scott, Texas- Ed Neves, North Carolina
  - Ruben Mendoza, California- Don and Jenny Luedke,Wis
  - Steven Shapiro, Florida- Rocky and Sue Lipsman, USA
  - Steen Watson, USA- Alan Lakomski, Utah
  - Tom Tempest-Radford, UK- Les Eichhorn,USA
  - Josh Heald, USA- Sage Rods,Washington
  - Nigel Combley, UK- Frontiers, Pennsylvania
  - Brent, Sally Kitson, USA- Fishing International, CA
  - Don Stookey, Florida- Fish About, California
  - Arlo Ogden, Arizona- Kaufmann´s Streamborn,OR
  - Gene/Betty Joe Sheldon, CA- Jose Cena, Argentina
  - Dave Williams,Montana- Carroll Strickland, California

     For more information about becoming part of the Patagonia Adventures family please contact Eric or Kent at or call (from the United States ) at +011-54-2944-492513.

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