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Temperatures, Native Fish and Trout Fishing


     Patagonia is an semiarid plateau that covers over 250,000 square miles. The region is located mainly in Argentina and extends to parts of Chile. It extends north to the Colorado River, east to the Atlantic Ocean, south to Tierra del Fuego and west to the Andes Mountains.

     The name was derived from the word Patagones. The name the 16th century Spanish explorers called the natives (Tehuelche Indians) of the region Patagones, thus the name Patagonia.

Temperatures During Fishing Season





Nov - Dec



75 -95

Jan - Mar



75 - 95

Apr - May



60 - 75

The Native Fish 

     Are there any Native fish in the rivers? Yes! The perca (percichthys trucha) is like the North American small mouth bass or perch.  The pejerrey patagonico (patagonina hatcheri ) of the atherinidae family. The region also has the puyen of the galaxiidae family. This native fish as it has and still plays an important part in the food chain of trout. The hatcheria macraei ( bagres de torrente) we call sculpins, live in most of  fast water streams and trout forage for them.  The native species are not as aggressive as trout.

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Trout Fishing 

     With the cold and clear water from the Andes Mountains, abundance of the insect and native fish population in the rivers and lakes, and the introduction of Atlantic salmon, brook, brown and rainbow trout to the area, this area of Chile and Argentina has become a fly fishing paradise.

     Shadowed by the snow capped mountains in the background, fly fishing in these spectacular cold, crystal virgin waters is an experience of a lifetime. With trophy fish that have never seen a dry fly, these waters offer many challenging characteristics such as fast runs, isolated channels, vegetation mats, shallow riffles, undercut banks, deadfall structures and deep pools.

     The Patagonia offers great trout fishing for the expert as well as the novice fisherman. Come to Chile and Argentina to not only catch and release trophy trout but to catch and keep the beauty of this region.

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