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Pictures of Patagonia - Lifestyle

     What pictures do you see when you come to Patagonia?  All kinds of things, places and people representing different times gone by, tradition and a way of doing things.

The Lifestyle

    They still pioneer in the Patagonia and clear land with oxen and hand ax. But if you can picture, that same pioneer might drive to town in his Toyota four wheel drive. His neighbor though might go to the same town by horse or oxen cart with hand hewn wheels. One might live in a very stylish log home and the other in a more modest one that he built all by hand.

Traveling through Patagonia

     When traveling the Patagonia trails and roads through the back land of the Andes Mountains you can see picturesPatagonia Vaquero with dog that are a stark contrast of  natural beauty. High mountain glaciers and the melting snow feed the pristine streams and the rivers that the wild trout and salmon call there home. These are are pictures of a beautiful land. 

     People wanting to homestead have to deal with the hardships of isolation, but most prefer the the peace and surrounding purity that the Patagonia region offers. Instead of hearing a jet,  you can hear the beating of the wings of the red leg Ibis, as it flies over, looking for a clearing to feed for the day.  Pictures of Patagonia are not only pictures but a dream for many.

     If you would like more information about fly fishing for salmon and trout in Patagonia, as well as the fishing lodges in Chile and Argentina contact us today.

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