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Fishing Regulations - Trout and Alantic Salmon

     We will continually update the fly fishing report and the major changes in the fishing regulations for the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina. Please note that certain times of the fishing season Atlantic Salmon are present. Salmon fishing is now catch and release.

Changes in Fishing Regulations

     There has been a major change in regards to fishing regulations that will have a major impact. That change is quite a big move toward conserving the resource. The changes state that "all lakes, rivers and streams in Patagonia will be considered catch and release and any area that will be allowed for keeping fish will be designated by each province of Argentina.

     This is a drastic change for Argentina, but a good one. This shows the good intent and the importance of how fly fishing has helped changed the attitude of a lot of people. We need this now as although the fishing is quite good where we fish, there are a lot of areas that are showing fast decline in good fishing.

     New for the this season and last is that all hooks for all types and style of trout fishing without exception will be barbless. This is to make it easy for anyone to release the fish with less harm to it.

     The trout season now opens November 1st and runs to the end of April. In some areas the season is open for a longer period or all year round, but only catch and release for the extend periods.

     If you would like Patagonia Adventures provide further information about trout as well as salmon fishing in the Andes Mountains of Chile and Argentina please contact us.

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