Catching Salmo Salar (Atlantic Salmon) -

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) Fishing
in Patagonia, Argentina Chile

     As the Atlantic salmon (scientific name: salmo salar) get into their spawning cycle they take on more spots and thus the confusion with the brown trout. But these fish do not take the fly like a trout nor do they jump and leap like a trout. Its a completely different fish and has its own set of moods and time of activity.

Andrew McKay

     This particular fish caught by Andrew McKay is about nine pounds and was caught in the boulder riddled water between two large oxygenated rapids. Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)caught in PatagoniaThe fish was caught using a Clouser minnow. The fish came up out of deep water and took the fly on the swing just under the surface. The water is clear and fast so you can see the fish when they leave their cover of the large boulders. Its a sight to behold when you have one coming at your fly.

     Most of the fish hooked in this part of the river are very hard to land. They can take off down river into the heavy current and their gone. When this happens the reel is hard put and the angler running so as not to lose the fish or all his line. This kind of fly fishing has its own special pleasure and heartbreak.

     As with all our trout and salmon pictures, the pictures are taken and the fish are immediately released into the water so that future generations can be replenished by the present ones.

Jorgen Stenberg and Salar Salmon

      After many cast and presentations of different flies, which is not unusual for Atlantic (Salar) salmon fishing, Jorgen (from Sweden) got a firm take on his fly and he new it was this time not a trout, but a real Salar salmon. He had caught more than 500 "Atlantics" during his life and knew from experience who was on the other end of his line.

     This was his first Wild Salar Salmon he had ever caught south of the equator in water flowing to the Pacific Ocean. In other words a true Pacific Salar. Jorgen had thought, maybe changing oceans was going to somehow change the fishes instincts, but it had not. The fish acted just as the salars of the Atlantic Ocean. He landed a perfect 6 kilo Male salar salmon. He had got want he had came for.

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