Black Francis Fly -

Atlantic Salmon Fishing Flies for Argentina/Chile
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     The Black Francis fly pattern is an unusual and funny looking fly. However, it is a "must " if you wish to fish Atlantic salmon in Iceland, Scotland and the Black FrancisPatagonia region of Argentina and Chile. It is said to resemble a shrimp, and can be an extremely lethal fly when fishing these salmon.

Fishing the Francis

     This pattern comes in many colors and versions, from heavy copper tubes down to size 16 trebles. Besides the black version, the Red Francis is maybe the most famous, along with the General Practitioner (GP) fly. I found that the Francis fishes best in slow moving water, especially in eddies and below waterfalls. It is very effective with Atlantic Salmon when fished across using short, twitching pulls. Fishing low waters with a good selection of small Francis is a must.

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