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Atlantic Salmon Fishing Flies for Argentina/Chile
Green HighlanderGeneral PractitionerSvavaSvorskBlack Francis

     The flies pictured above are the fly patterns that Patagonia Adventures generally uses when fly fishing for (Salmo Salar) Atlantic Salmon. Of course there are a lot more, but these seem to be the favorites and the most productive. Some will be used exclusively in certain areas and waters. Other patterns can be a back up or substitute for changeable water, weather and behavioral patterns of the Atlantic salmon.

Atlantic Salmon Flies for Patagonia

     There are 5 fly patterns that normally works for Atlantic Salmon. They include the General Practitioner (GP), Black Francis, Svava, and Green Highlander. Listed below are summaries of some of the favorites that are used at the Dos Rios Salmon Fish Camp. Click on the title for more information and larger picture.

  • General Practitioner (GP) - Very effective in high-water conditions and most efficient when fished slowly. Always carry 3 to 4 different sizes of this pattern in your fly box.
  • Grenn Highlander salmon fly
  • Black Francis.- Funny looking yet an extremely lethal fly, this pattern comes in many colors including the black version. The Red Francis is probably the most famous.
  • Svava.- Tube-flies has become very popular during the last decades fishing for salmon, Today it is probably accepted as the maybe most "all-round" type of Atlantic salmon fly.
  • Svorsk. - The Svorsk is a classic version of the "Sunray Shadow ". Exciting to fish with and a good indicator if salmon are held up in the pool.
  • Green Highlander - This pattern is standard in about 90% of all fly boxes in Norway, Scotland and Ireland, so it also should be, when fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile.

How Many to Bring

     On your salmon fishing trip and depending on what area of Argentina and Chile you will be fly fishing, you should carry with you a number of these flies (with different sizes). To determine this, contact Kent or Eric by email or call him at 011 54 2944 492513. He will be happy to tell you what flies you will need and how many of each color or size for the specific area you will be fishing. At Patagonia Adventures we will also advise you on what other fishing tackle you will need for your trip.

Testing New Flies

     If you have a salmon fly that you would like to try out, bring them along. The waters down here are a good testing ground for your new "patented" beta fly. All the patterns shown are flies that anglers have brought to Patagonia and used with success. You might have a new pattern that works well and if it does we would like to show it to others.

Jorgen Stenberg

Jorgen Stenberg     Patagonia Adventures would like to thank Jorgen Stenberg of Sweden for submittinginformation about the different Atlantic salmon flies. His knowledge and experience in Atlantic salmon fly fishing has brought Patagonia Adventures as well as future fly fishermen a better understanding and an appreciation of this beautiful fish. We thank Jorgen for teaching us some of the many mysteries of this fish that inhabit and travel the rivers of Argentina and Chile.

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