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Atlantic Salmon Fishing Flies for Argentina/Chile
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     The General Practioner (GP) is a classic fly pattern that can be used very effectively with Atlantic Salmon. It is generally used in high-water conditions, but this fly is always worth General Practitionertrying in low water conditions. Fish with smaller flies (size 10 or smaller). A red/orange pattern is especially attractive to Atlantic Salmon.

Fishing the GP

     This salmon fly is usually fished deep with a sinking line, but is catching well when fished with a floating line. Due to the body hackle, the General Practioner in bigger sizes on a floating line will work best in slow moving water. This fly tends to get the fish to the surface in heavy currents. Very effective in high-water conditions and most efficient when fished slowly. Always carry 3 to 4 different sizes of this pattern in your fly box.

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