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Atlantic Salmon Fishing Flies for Argentina/Chile
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     Fly fishing for salmon with "tube-flies" has become very popular in the last twenty years. Nowadays, it is generally accepted as the maybe most "all-round" type of fly Svava Flypattern for Salmo Salar (Atlantic Salmon). Before, tube flies was mainly heavy stuff fished deep, in cold high water conditions with heavy two-hand rods.

The Svava Tube Fly

     The "Svava" fly is built on a one-inch black rubber tube, that is slightly heavier than the ordinary plastic tube. It works extremely well in strong currents. This fly is a also called a "totem-tube", and has become very popular in the mid-Norwegian rivers during the last couple of years. Svava flies normally fish best in strong current, but with a quick intake, they can also be fished in slow deep pools.

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