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Atlantic Salmon Fishing Flies for Argentina/Chile
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     The Svorsk Fly is a version of the classical "Sunray Shadow " - a pattern that made long-tailed surface tubes popular and famous. In Sweden these patterns were initially used mainly for big sea trout, then later, the fly also proved to be lethal to Salmo Salar (Atlantic salmon).

     The silhouette of the fly against the sky and the white plastic tube against a long dark wing makes a Svorsk Flygood contrast from underneath. The flies are very effective for Atlantic salmon in deep pools. The Svorsk comes in sizes from "micro" up to two inches.

The "Sneakers" - Tube Flies

     There is a theory that the long-tail tubes resemble the small male salmon called "sneakers". These salmon never leave the river and compete with the big ones during spawning. The big males try to get rid of these competitors - including killing them. This is supposed to be the reason why the long-tails of the fly are attacked so ferociously. The salmon ferociousness, attacking the long tail of the Svorsk fly, makes it very exciting pattern to fish.

"Milking the Cow"

     Casting across - and pulling in - is a good method with the Svorsk fly. Casting up streams and taking the line in real fast with two hands and the rod under your arm (sometimes called "milking the cow"), also works at times. Even if the salars just try to scare the long-tail of the fly, and don't really go for it, you will get an good indication that fish are in the pool.

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