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Fishing For Salmon in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Salmon Flies

     Salmon fishing has become more popular in the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina in recent years (see Fishing Report). With the increase of the migrating Atlantic andChinook salmon in many of the River systems of Chile. Patagonia Adventures has set up the Dos Rios Salmon Fish Camp. These salmon are incredible fighters and are a challenge to any experienced fly fishing enthusiasts.

     During our fishing season many rivers in Chile receive groups of Atlantic and Chinook Salmon. They come up their favorite river to lookSalmon fishing - Patagonia for spawning beds to lay their eggs. There is a spring run of Chinook Pacific

The Salmon Run

    Atlantic Salmon start running in Late spring, early summer and are in the rivers until late May, which is late Autumn. The fish pictured below is a large Atlantic Cock Salmon that had been holding up in the low waters for many months . Although having lost much of its body weight, because of being so long in the river, yet this beautiful fish still leaped to take an egg sucking imitation leach wet fly. The leech fly was fished just under the surface, allowing it swing in the current. The Atlantic salmon fought hard and made two good jumps and then gave in.

Atlantic Salmon

     The Atlantic Salmon that come up the Rivers in Chile, originally from the fish pens in the Pacific coastal bays around Puerto Montt. Those that escaped, matured and reached upthe rivers and spawned. We are now seeing each year not the rounded tailed pen fish, but the wild Atlantic salmon. Svava  fly - Alantic salmonMost of these salmon are from nine to twenty-five pounds. The average being around fifteen pounds. They take well to the fly, fight hard and make spectacular leaps.

Chinook Salmon 

    For the last 15 years, Chinook salmon have been colonizing The Chilean River systems. They have crossed from Chile into the Argentine Patagonian Rivers, traveling as much as 100 miles, although this is not much for a Salmon. They have been the most successful of the Salmons in colonizing the different rivers flowing into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile. Although much harder in getting one to take a fly, still their size of between 30 to 50 pounds is a temptation for any angler and if hooked a job to land not to say the least.

Keeping Records and Contacting Us

     We have been keeping records of these returning salmon for the last 10 years. Each year is different as to numbers, but we are seeing larger salmon more often now. It is now a fact that they have become successful in establishing themselves and it looks like they are here to stay. They are wonderful to catch and certainly stir your emotions when they take your fly.

     If your interested in some great salmon as well as trout fishing in the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina, contact us today. Our guides the best and the lodges are in the heart of the glacier and snow filled Andes Mountains, creating a great backdrop for a fly fishing experience of a lifetime.

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