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Fishing Pictures of Salmon in Argentina/Chile

     As with all salmon pictures, this one has a story. This is a happy fisherman and also was our cook at the lodge in Chile. Cacho or Cachito as he likes to be called is not a regular fishing person, but he has seen so many happy fishermen and heard so many fish stories that he thought of becoming a fisherman.

Atlantic Salmon

     Nobody had brought a large salmon back to the lodge as all had been released or the battle had been won over by the fish. Cachito knew that his cooking and warm personality was truly making new international angling friends. All that he heard at the dinner table was about the great fly fishing on the river and he thought; Are these really true or just fish stories? 

The Big Catch

     So one day after three years of hearing how great it is to catch big salmon he thought he would see for himself. That day, Cachito became a salmon fisherman. We had a little problem convincing him to become a catch and release angler. After holding this beautiful creature in his hands and appreciating the importance of preserving life, Cachito knew at that moment he had the power of life or death. With respect to this Atlantic salmon and maybe future ones, he chose to release it. And to this day he talks about how he never thought he would become a "catch and release" cook.

Salmon and Pictures

     Contact us for further information on catch and release fly fishing for Atlantic salmon in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile. Not only take home some trophy salmon pictures but also some pictures of beauty of the people and of the Patagonia.

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