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Rainbow and Brown Trout Fishing Flies
Adult DragonflyBuckhorn SpecialHare's EarChernobyl Ant
Clouser MinnowDamselFlyDragonfly NymphCaddis Fly
Madam XParachute AdamsStimulatorWet Dry Fly
Woolly BuggerMayFlyMouseHornberg

     The adult dragonfly represents a steak meal to a trout. This fly is an insect hunter and eats a lot of little bugs. The trout would have to eat allot of those same insects as the adult dragonfly in order to match what the dragonfly represents as food.

Jumping Trout

     So why spend all that energy in eating little bugs when all you have to do is be an expert jumper and on target. Well, Adult Dragonflythat is what the brown and rainbow trout has mastered in Chile and Argentina. It took me a while to figure out why the trout at Lago Yelcho in Chile liked to jump four feet into the air. When I first fished Lion's Bay (a quiet and grassy bay), and saw all the trout sailing through the air I thought this was going to be easy fishing. We were going to be catching some real big rainbow's. Well, two years later we finally got the right fly.

     These fish had developed the precise technique of stalking and jumping for the adult dragon and they did not want to take anything else. Their were so many dragons flying around that the trout could not pass up the opportunity to stalk a hovering dragon and shoot him down with that missile effect of his whole body coming out of the water. We actually saw a large fish following a slow moving dragon and when the fly stopped and hovered, out shot a large rainbow trout and the dragonfly was gone. We knew that we would have to make up a good imitation of a full size dragon and that is what we did.

Rainbow trout - Lion's Bay on Lake Yelcho

Casting and Presentation

     Over the years there has been a lot of different ties for the adult dragonfly. Some had posed some problems with the casting, as the wings tend to twirl your leader when the fly is in the air and so you are constantly straightening out the line.

    The presentation is very important with this fly. It is best if the water is still or even better with a bit of a ripple so that the trout cannot get a good look at the fly. In any case the fly must not be moved so as to give it the hovering effect. In order for trout to take a hovering dragon 3-4 feet above the water he must be coming from down deep and when he is looking up he sees the dragon as if above the water. If you move the fly this will break the water surface causing the trout to know that the dragon is not where it should be and thus he will not make his run, but instead he might come up slowly to investigate and that is what you do not want. 

      You can get very precise with presenting this fly to a hunting trout and waiting for the take is longer than you would expect, but it will happen and you better not be looking at the beautiful scenery.

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