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Rainbow and Brown Trout Fishing Flies
Adult DragonflyBuckhorn SpecialHare's EarChernobyl Ant
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Buckhorn Special Fly Pattern     Buckhorn or Big Horn Special as some call it is a fly that is a very good attractor. The combination of the brown and yellow feathers does an excellent job in bringing on big brown and rainbow trout in Chile and Argentina. I tend to use this fly pattern when things get tough and there seems to be nothing happening with other flies. It works best on overcast or rainy days. The colors and the way it swims must excite the trout.

Fly Fishing for Trout

     I first saw this fly in Patagonia being used by Gene White who did allot of fishing on the Big Horn and must of used it there and therefore called it by that name. Later others came to Patagonia with this fly some calling it the Buckhorn, but basically it is the same fly.

The Body

     The body might change somewhat from copper tinsel or a wormy looking plastic rap, but the distinct four saddle hackle feathers of brown and yellow tied on a number 2 extra long hook is what makes it outstanding.

Fishing The Buckhorn

     It can be cast with a sinking line and stripped and that is probably the most effective although a swing across a river current could be deadly. We use this a lot around lake edges and lake drop offs were the trout hang out and are waiting for prey. I highly recommend the buckhorn for trout fishing in the Andes Mountains of Patagonia.

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