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Rainbow and Brown Trout Fishing Flies
Adult DragonflyBuckhorn SpecialHare's EarChernobyl Ant
Clouser MinnowDamselFlyDragonfly NymphCaddis Fly
Madam XParachute AdamsStimulatorWet Dry Fly
Woolly BuggerMayFlyMouseHornberg

     The Clouser minnow is normally used as a saltwater fly, but it can be a good choice for fishing trout. Knowing that trout will eat trout, you might want to bring a half dozen or dozen minnow patterns. Clouser MinnowIf I were to pick one minnow pattern for trout I would use the Clouser minnow.

Size and Color

     The Clouser is tied on a saltwater hook in various sizes and colors. The gray buck tail with off white and the light green with off white in sizes 4-6 are a good choice for trout here in Chile and Argentina. They come weighted with lead eyes and that makes them swim in an up and down fashion as you strip and pause the fly towards you.. The Clouser minnow can be used in a lot of different waters especially where minnows are prevalent. It can be fished with a floating or sinking line and should be stripped fairly fast as to imitate an escaping or wounded minnow. 

Brown Trout Fishing

       Brown trout in particular like this fly. The browns in many of the lakes in Patagonia lay in hiding where the water of the lake form the shallows. When the lake water is high the water floods back over the normally reedy area causing a low lying shallow area. The minnows make their way into this area and stay there moving in schools as they feed. The big trout, especially the browns hang out close by hoping to have an easy meal. In fact we have seen browns just lying still, passing themselves off as a log, waiting for an innocent little minnow to swim by. I recall vividly this year as we approached this kind of water that the Angler said to me, "this is really so shallow, do you think there is a fish here?" I said that most of the fisherman and guides do not bother with this type of water as they cannot get their boats into it, but the large brown trout will be here for sure. Since we have boats that can, I would slowly move around through the shallows looking for trout. 

Fishing Chile and Argentina

       This kind of trout fishing is rare and it is said to be like bone fishing. With the clear water and the bright Clouser minnow being stripped, this can an exciting process when you see the type of effect the Clouser minnow has on the big trout in Patagonia. If you are planning to some fly fishing in Argentina and Chile contact us and bring some Clouser minnow.

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