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Rainbow and Brown Trout Fishing Flies
Adult DragonflyBuckhorn SpecialHare's EarChernobyl Ant
Clouser MinnowDamselFlyDragonfly NymphCaddis Fly
Madam XParachute AdamsStimulatorWet Dry Fly
Woolly BuggerMayFlyMouseHornberg

Dragonfly Nymph Fly Pattern     The dragonfly nymph pattern looks very similar to the stone fly nymph and are used in fast moving water with good success herein Chile and Argentina. As the nymphs move around, especially in faster currents, they sometimes get swept down river and become a quick meal for the brown and rainbow trout.

     We use this fly and others like it in sizes 6-10 in green, black, brown, dark yellows with brown and in various shades of these colors. Some dragonfly nymphs with black rubber legs work very well. Generally, you would fish this fly with a full sinking line and work it down in the bottom in fast water.

Nymph Fly Fishing the Fast Currents

     In the big rivers of the Patagonia Andes Mountains, the bottom of the fast rivers sometimes have big rocks or boulders covered with moss. The trout hold behind these rocks and work around them looking for the nymphs. The currents rush over these rocks causing a lot of oxygenation creating a ecosystem ideal for the dragonfly nymphs to multiply. There is generally a lot of food in this type of water, but it is very difficult to fish because of the fast current. The current does not let your line get down and so it is going over the heads of the fish while he is looking down among the rocks for food. A fast full sinking line can do the job at times and if it does not, you will just have to find some slower water to fish.

     I have fished fast water with little success thinking that trout would not hold in there, only to come back with the river level down to a slower current and to my surprise some real monster trout, fat and strong. They were full of nymphs.

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