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Rainbow and Brown Trout Fishing Flies
Adult DragonflyBuckhorn SpecialHare's EarChernobyl Ant
Clouser MinnowDamselFlyDragonfly NymphCaddis Fly
Madam XParachute AdamsStimulatorWet Dry Fly
Woolly BuggerMayFlyMouseHornberg

     The fly patterns for trout fishing pictured above are the flies that Patagonia Adventures generally use in Argentina and Chile. Of course there are a lot more, but these seem to be the favorites and the most productive. Some will be used exclusively in certain areas and waters.

     Other patterns can be a back up or substitute for changeable water and weather as well as the eating habits of the brown and rainbow trout.


Fly Patterns - Trout Flies

  • Adult Dragonfly - The presentation is very important with this fly. It is best if the water is still or even better with a bit of a ripple
  • Buckhorn Special - The combination of the brown and yellow feathers does an excellent job in bringing on big brown and rainbow trout in Chile and Argentina.
  • Caddis Fly - Size 10-18 in the dark elk hairstyle would be a must. Some light colors also would be good to have on hand such as the tan and rust.
  • Chernobyl Ant -  Larger Chernobyl ants seem to work better than smaller ones without regard to the size of the fish.
  • Clouser Minnow -  It can be fished with a floating or sinking line and should be stripped fairly fast as to imitate an escaping or wounded minnow.
  • Rainbow trout with Chernobyl Ant fly patternDamselfly - You can fish this the same way that you would a big dragonfly, casting it along the reeds or close to grass beds where the dragonflies land to rest or lay eggs.
  • Dragonfly Nymph - Looks very similar to the stone fly nymph and are used in fast moving water with good success here in Chile and Argentina.
  • Hare's Ear- does a good job imitating the fresh water shrimp or scud that big trout forage for in a spring creek environment.
  • Hornberg Fly - Itís easy to tie, itís large enough to see in the water, it has great action,it can be tied and used either wet or dry and trout love it.
    Madam X - An excellent attractor when tied correctly
  • Mayfly - Important trout fishing fly during hatches
  • Mouse -  The presentation of the mouse must be done so as to resemble one that came to the water's edge and accidentally fell in.
  • Parachute Adams - Use when fishing the whirlpools of the large rivers.
  • Stimulator - These flies are used to imitate the stonefly, but the smaller versions can pass for the caddis.
  • Wet-Dry - When your line is sinking and under the surface, the fly can be stripped imitating a minnow.
  • Woolly Bugger -  In Argentina and Chile we like to use this pattern when casting to the edges of a lakeshore
     Depending on what area of Argentina and Chile you will be fly fishing, you should carry with you on
the trip between a half dozen to a dozen of each pattern. To determine this, talk to your outfitter or guide who will be happy to tell you what flies you will need and how many of each color or size for the specific area you will be fishing in. At Patagonia Adventures we can also advise you on other fishing tackle for your trip.

Testing New Flies

     If you have a pattern that you would like to try out, bring them along. The waters down here are a good testing ground for your new "patented" beta fly. All the patterns shown are flies that anglers have brought to Patagonia and used with success. You might have a new pattern that works well and if it does we would like to show it to others. Any questions you might have you can contact us in Argentina by email to

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