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Rainbow and Brown Trout Fishing Flies
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By Syd Lilly - Madam X

    Two years ago, Kent Schoenauer, our Patagonia fishing guide recommended a fly that I had not fished with before….The Madame X.  I contacted Pat Ehlers at the Fly Fisher Shop in Milwaukee (414-259-8100) and Madam X Flyasked him to tie a few dozen in large sizes for the trip to Argentina and Chile. Pat used a size 6 hook in deer hair, but had to go to a longer elk hair for the size 4 hooks.

Trout Fishing

     The Madam X is an excellent attractor pattern when tied correctly. They imitate many terrestrials including the hopper, cicada, dragonfly as well as many other large insects that big brown and rainbow trout love to attack. Using a 5 weight line and an Orvis bamboo rod Icast and drift the Madam X quietly back and forth along the reeds, frequently recasting the same areas several times. I did well with this fly in both Argentina and on Lake Yelcho at Lion's Bay in Chile.

     One thing about big fly patterns is that they float.  You never have to wonder if you have a strike. We use many different type of fly patterns while fishing with Kent, but last year the Madam X was the hottest one for me. Surprisingly though, I caught allot of very big fighting trout on the deer hair with the size 6 hook, but didn't get one bite on the size 4 in elk hair. The elk hair was a much lighter color, but who knows why a trout goes for a fly in one color and not in another. I won't throw the elk hairs away though, because next fly fishing trip......

     For more information about becoming part of the Patagonia Adventures family please contact Kent or Eric at or call (from the United States ) at +011-54-2944-492513.

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