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Pictures of Trout Fishing in Argentina/Chile

     Do you have any trout pictures?  Everybody wants to see you holding this big fish.  What do you tell them when the only photo you have is of you holding a six inch fish and that is the biggest one of the trip.  You drove and fished two weeks in Argentina and Chile and what you have to show for it, a photo of an six inch fish.   Then you tell them, "I had a couple big ones on the line but they got away."

     As a fishing guide in Patagonia for the last 25 years in regards to fishing,  I would say it is still very good and especially so where no roads are available. Where a road comes to a river it will be very difficult to take a trophy fish. You would have to do a lot of walking down or up river and then you might be disappointed.

Rainbow trout

     Many come to Patagonia, rent a car and spend a lot of time driving around the country asking where to fish. Brown troutA lot of time lost and many times car trouble to complicate things and even worse, a photo of an eight inch fish. Some anglers spend more time money moving around and less time having good fishing. I know, I have done it.


     A good knowledgeable guide can put you on to trophy fishing when he wants. He has spent years on the water and knows where the fish are and he has seen where the big ones hold out. He can put you in position to try for the one that got away.

     Another thing about good fishing guides is the fact that they have this sense of knowing what to do at the right time and that has made the difference of catching the big one or not.

     If your after the big fish as well as a great fly fishing experience in Chile and Argentina then contact us.  We'll get you pictures of big fish that didn't get away.

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