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Patagonia Rainbow Trout

     Rainbow trout (pictured below) is from the Salmonidae family and has a reputation as a hard fighting and challenging game fish.  Since the introduction of this fish to the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina in the early 1900's, the rainbow as well as the brown trout flourished in the lakes, streams and rivers.  With the snow covered Andes Mountains creating plenty of fresh water for the fish and the plentiful food supply in the rivers and lakes, the rainbow has grown and become one of the fishing favorites of the region.

Syd Lilly

Syd Lilly and Madam X    This healthy rainbow was taken by Syd Lilly in the month of Feb. on his seventh returning fly fishing trip to the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina. This fishing trip was one of the longest trips ever taken by Syd and his long time fishing partner Cal Scott.  The trip lasted twenty days.

    Syd and Cal, both from the States have been fishing together for over thirty years. When they planned the trip with Kent Schoenauer (owner and main fishing guide) they said they wanted  to fish easy and when the weather was nice and not feel that they had to go somewhere right away and all the time.

Madam X

     Syd likes to fish for these big fish with dry flies. This rainbow was caught using Syd's favorite fly pattern, the Madam X.  This pattern is tied with light colored dear hair with a gold underbody. Syd says that this fly floats high and dry and gives the appearance of a hovering dragon just above the water, that is if you don't move it.

     You must fish the Madam X fly still. The more you move the it, the less fish you catch. The trout see the silhouette from down deep and race up to take it. We discovered that the fish take adult dragons in mid air leaping as high as four feet to catch them. What a sight to see and what fun it is to set your fly on the light riffled water and wait for the big take.  The Madam X is great for catching the big browns and rainbows in the still water of Alerces Park in Argentina and near the reeds at Lions Bay in  Lake Yelcho, Chile.  

Visiting Chile and Argentina

     If your a fly fishing enthusiasts, novice or expert angler come to Chile and Argentina and experience the challenge of holding onto a large healthy and strong fighter.  A large trophy rainbow on your line will give you a fly fishing experience of a lifetime. 

    Contact us today for further information.  I am sure we can accommodate all your fly fishing needs at Alto Puelo, Alerces Park or at the Rio Yelcho Lodge with the help of Madam X..

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